Interesting Eye Articles

18 October 2018

The Topograph is today an indispensable tool in any Hi Tech Eye Clinic, dealing with state-of-the-art customized contact lens design. It provides useful data of the shape and form of the corneal surface, including the presence of optical distortions.

Changes in the topograph from normal are associated with conditions that affect corneal shape, for example Keratoconus, Marginal Degeneration.

The corneal shape is an important starting point for the fitting of orthokeratology lenses (night time lens to temporarily reduce prescription and control myopia). This instrument is used to determine the effect the above lens has on the shape of the cornea.

Keratoconus is another condition that will benefit from the use of the topograph which will enable the custom fitting of an RGP or Scleral lens to a cornea which has become cone shaped effecting vision. Spectacles generally do not help to achieve good vision, while RGP lenses is able to provide the patient with the best vision possible depending on the individual case.