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Contact Lens Services

Contact Lens Services

Contact lenses are listed by the Health Science Authority of Singapore as medical Devices. It is therefore only available on prescription by Optometrist and Medical practitioners. Every contact lens importer , must apply for a license to bring in contact lenses into the country. This ensures that contact lenses imported are of high quality and comply with safety standards.

There Are Two Components To Purchasing Contact Lenses. The Contact Lens And The Professional Service.

The Purchase

To ensure you continue wearing your contact lenses safely, both these components must go hand in hand. It is very important to safeguard yourselves from fake branded contact lenses by buying from reputable contact lens practices. I say this because we have had an occasion where fake lenses were identified and confiscated by authorities here in Singapore.

The Professional Service

Let me repeat this, only because its very important, but is a little known law under the “CODE OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE GUIDELINES” for optometrist and Opticians. Article 4.2.4 from this code is reproduced below.

4.2.4. No optometrist shall re-prescribe or re-dispense any contact lens to a patient unless the patient has undergone proper aftercare (Article 4.2.1) within the last 6 months.

In other words, Optometrist may not prescribe or dispense Contact Lenses, even if you have worn these lenses before, without showing documentary proof that you have undergone an aftercare exam within the last six months, signed and dated by an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist.

Article 4.2.4 was not written to protect eye care practitioners, it was written to protect the consumer from harm.

Article 4.2.1 from the above code stipulates what constitutes an aftercare examination.

4.2.1. The procedures that constitute proper aftercare to be conducted and documented in the patient’s ophthalmic record shall include the following:

(a) Obtain patient’s history and presenting symptoms or signs;

(b) Record patient’s visual acuity with his or her contact lenses on;

(c) Assess contact lens fit for the patient;

(d) Conduct an eye examination which shall include
(i) slit-lamp examination of the anterior segment, external eye and adnexae;
(ii) assessment of tear film quality and quantity; and
(iii) use of diagnostic stains where necessary.

(e) Check the condition of the contact lens;

(f) Advise on the proper use, care and maintenance of contact lenses; and

(g) Advise to return for assessment if any ocular symptoms occur.

4.2.3. For any patient who is prescribed, dispensed or fitted with contact lenses of a particular type for the first time, the optometrist shall perform the first aftercare within 1 week of prescribing/dispensing the lenses, the second aftercare within 1 month of the first aftercare visit and the subsequent aftercare at least once every 3 to 6 months.

Contact Lens Online Purchase

Most contact lenses sold online are: • genuine branded contact lenses,
• cheaper.
• more convenient •
Delivered to you free of charge.

Why is it Cheaper?
• No Rental
• Reduced Staff.
• Better buying power •
Second Component (Professional Services is missing).

According to Articles 4.2.4 and 4.2.3 of the code, You need a valid prescription to order contact lenses, that is a prescription that has not expired showing documentary proof that you have undergone an aftercare exam within the last six months. This includes online purchases.

If you Purchase your contact lenses from an Optometrist practice, your after care visits are generally waved. Otherwise, an aftercare fee will be charged. Unfortunately, the few dollars that you save with every box purchased is not enough to cover the fee for aftercare services.

Contact Lens Services


Why won’t sell me the lenses that I ask for? i have been wearing them for many years already.

I would love to dispense these lenses to you, but i must follow the rules provided to me by the Optometrist and Opticians Board. These rules have been put in place for the safety of contact lens wearers. I would also like to look after you and ensure your continued safe wear in the years ahead.

My friend told me that brand X is very good, can I have one box each of 8.4 R-2.50 L-3.00?

Im afraid I am unable to dispense contact lenses without a prescription or an eye exam. Every contact lens is different, therefore a change in any of the parameters, needs a refit. for example, a base curve of 8.5 in one type of lens may not fit the same way with another even though they are both 8.5. I will be glad to examine your eyes for contact lens wear suitability and then fit you with the above lens provided of course that the lens fits well.

The question is: Are you willing to risk the health of your eyes by forgoing the aftercare examination, Just to save a few dollars?