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Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses

Contact Lenses

18 October 2018

Use in Dyslexia, Irlens Syndrome and Migraine

Have you ever looked at a pattern for example on a carpet and the pattern seems to be doing strange things like vibrating or seems to be moving. To some, Lines of text on a page can produce a similar illusion. . Patients describe he text as moving, lines going through the text,. reading is more comfortable in low light,. Even headaches have been reported. This results in slow readers as the illusion is distracting. This is call perceptual distortion.

Cerium’s Precision Lenses may offer relief from perceptual distortion . The patient subjectively selects a colour projected over text. lenses are ordered with the selected colour, with prescription if necessary, The lens is tinted in a precision process to obtain the exact transmission of light frequency. Regular tinting process is unlikely to work

Ordinary tinting process will not be precise enough.

Migraine sufferers who also report visual precipitation of their headaches may also benefit from these lenses.