Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are listed by the Health Science Authority of Singapore as medical Devices. It is therefore only available on prescription by Optometrist and Medical practitioners. Every contact lens importer , must apply for a license to bring in contact lenses into the country. This ensures that contact lenses imported are of high quality and comply with safety standards. There Are Two Components To Purchasing Contact Lenses. The Contact Lens And The Professional Service. The Purchase To ensure you continue wearing your contact lenses safely, both these components must go hand in hand. It is very important to safeguard yourselves from fake branded contact lenses by buying from reputable contact lens practices. I say this because we have had an occasion where fake lenses were identified and confiscated by authorities here in Singapore.

Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses

Have you ever looked at a pattern for example on a carpet and the pattern seems to be doing strange things like vibrating or seems to be moving. To some, Lines of text on a page can produce a similar illusion. . Patients describe he text as moving, lines going through the text,. reading is more comfortable in low light,. Even headaches have been reported. This results in slow readers as the illusion is distracting. This is call perceptual distortion.

What is Orthokeratology?

Simply speaking, this is a contact lens that you wear so you do not have to wear contact lenses — During your waking hours that is . Confused, well let me be more clear. This is a night time lens, worn overnight, it gently molds the shape of your cornea, causing it to flatten, thus changing the refractive state of your eyes. This flattening is similar to the flattening done with a laser in a procedure called Lasik.