The Practise

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PHILIP D IZAAC is a family of optometrists with years of experience and is perhaps one of the most respected and qualified eyecare practitioners in Singapore.

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At Philip D Izaac, you can expect professionalism in our service. With appointments being recommended, experienced staff who are also registered opticians welcome our patients to our practice. As you walk through our doors into the waiting lounge, have a cup of coffee on us while waiting to see an optometrist of your choice.

Our responsibility for patients extends beyond testing vision with lenses, as we provide primary eye care through a comprehensive eye exam, using the best state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic screenings.

Unlike your usual clinical practice, with us, you can also look good while caring for your eye health! Through our service consultants, and the wide range of fashionable, along with quality eyewear, you can find the best suited style at any price. Do take the time to read more about The Optometrists, and the state of brand names that can be found under Eye Couture.