The Optometrists

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A qualified and well-respected optometrist with 40 years of experience in Vision care, started with a family business run by his father, who in himself left a legacy and a name well remembered by Singaporeans and Indonesians alike. Philip Izaac developed a keen interest in contact lenses in the early 80’s where hard & soft lenses were prescribed. Unlike today, fitting contact lenses required a learned skill as there were various issues to deal with in terms of oxygen supply to the cornea and contact lens solution allergies. Mr.Izaac through his passion strived on difficult cases and pursued it till success was achieved and patients were happy with the outcome. With this came success and a reputation that soon followed, with a flow of continued referrals. It was timely to open his own practice under the name of Philip D Izaac in 1988 at the Paragon Mall on the 2nd floor. Meticulous Refraction and Binocular vision assessment were essential in providing comfort together with vision clarity expected of spectacles wearers, as well as being able to detect eye diseases. The pursuit of primary eye care led Mr.Izaac to pursue a certificate in contact lens practice, a diploma in Optometry followed with a bachelor of science in Optometry and a Masters in clinical optometry from the renowned Philadelphia college of optometry in the United States. After many years the Practice was ready to move up to the medical suites on the 18th floor of the Paragon Medical Centre. More space was needed without the crippling rentals on the shopping floors. Heavy investments in optical equipment was required in order to provide essential primary eye care screenings and hence the much needed space, as well as adequately sized consulting rooms. Brother Roland Izaac joined in 2004 from his practice in Centrepoint. Philip D Izaac is also known for this keen eye for high fashion. He understands the quality of brand names and essentials of what compliments the face. Optical eyewear consists of high end quality brands as well as affordable frames of consistent quality expected of our reputation. And the same goes for the prescription lenses supplied. Quality is never compromised. The staff averages 20 plus years of service, which related to the success and well being to our customers and patients. Thus, it is no surprise that his notable list of patients includes politicians, socialites and expatriates. It is not at all difficult to find a slew of optical shops in Singapore, but it can be quite another to find an optometrist who cares.


Hello, I am Jia Ning an optometrist here at Philip d izacc. I am a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic. Years of studying in school  learning about how to perform a good refraction and eye health assessment has made me proficient in them . At Philip D Izaac my skills are further honed under the guidance of my colleagues . I am passionate in providing a clear and comfortable vision for my patient. My interest lies in primary eye care and also orthokeratology which is a specialised lens that aids a person in having a spectacle free vision in their waking hours.